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Asian Culture Night/ Fellowship Aug 05, 2021

No Morning Meeting.

Meeting will be at the Mason's Hall.  Limited seating.  

Special Guest Speaker Dr. Nirav Shah


Leslie Rounds Aug 12, 2021
Dyer Library Saco
Dyer Library Saco

A Brief History About the Dyer Library

     Funded by a generous bequest from Olive Dyer in the name of her husband Oliver, the first home of the Dyer Library was created in the basement of Saco City Hall. A dirt floor was covered over in “hard pine”, a furnace was added, black walnut bookcases and tables were constructed, books, (many from other non-public library collections,) were moved in and Sarah W. Tucker was hired as the first librarian at a salary of $400 a year. The library opened for business in the spring of 1881
     In 1893, the building just north of City Hall was constructed as the second home of the library. As originally designed by Horace G. Wadlin, the interior was largely one open space, divided visually by a broad wooden double arch. The front space was the reading room, which featured an oak common table and a large open fireplace. The rear space housed shelf stacks that could only be accessed by the librarian. Funds for construction of the building were provided by bequests from Mrs. John C. Bradbury and George E. Means, and philanthropist Cornelius Sweetser who left the Dyer Library a $10,000 maintenance fund.

     After more than a half century in that building, the Dyer Library moved north in 1955 to the former home of board president Frank Cutter Deering, next to the York Institute. In 1974, a new wing was added adjacent to Deering’s huge flat-roofed parlor. This broad corridor and gallery connected to the carriage house, providing new offices, the Deering Room and Board Room and what is now the Reed's Children's Room, created with a bequest from former children’s librarian Lillian Reed.
     In 1976, the Dyer Library and York Institute joined together as the Dyer Library Association. Later, the York Institute was renamed as the Saco Museum. In keeping with the idea that the museum and library are a single cultural institution serving the Saco Community, the Dyer Library Association is now referred to as Dyer Library/Saco Museum.

Diane Cyr Aug 19, 2021
Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center
Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center

A Collaborative Effort

A  cultural and heritage center has been the dream of many people throughout the years.  From Joseph Plamondon’s vision and dreams in 1982 to celebrate the Franco-American heritage and that of other ethnicities, to more recent attempts by people in various organizations throughout the city, the timing was never right.

Now is the time.

Biddeford is a thriving community with a variety of ethnic cultures and diversity. It’s growing, changing and progressive, but much of the history and heritage is being lost, not shared, as the culture changes.

Now is the time to share, preserve, teach and celebrate all that makes Biddeford, its people and surrounding areas, so special.

Now is the time to save what is being lost, share with others.

Now is our time and together we are doing it!

Maine Blue Collar Scholarship Fund Aug 26, 2021

We are challenging the persistent belief that a traditional college degree is the only answer for our youth. We strive to combine the social and collaborative skills, gained through the liberal arts, with technical aptitude.  Gifted and talented young Mainers want to be intellectually stimulated, creative, and innovative; they want a career in the trades.

As the average age of Maine trade workers continues to rise, it’s time to invest in the future of our state! The Maine Blue Collar Scholarship Foundation aims to break down barriers and reinvigorate the trades that built America.

Margo Walsh Sep 02, 2021
Maine Works
Maine Works
MaineWorks provides outstanding, immediate labor to clients across multiple industries in the states of Maine and New Hampshire including: construction, manufacturing, production, roadwork, and many more.  
Our employees come from all over the United States and face real barriers to employment. When you hire MaineWorks, you are hiring employees thankful for the opportunity to work and to make a better life for themselves and for their families.
We are not a social services agency – we are a innovative employment company with a compassionate and community-rooted mission to support the thriving industrial construction industry in Maine while positively affecting the lives of our employees.
Hold Sep 09, 2021
Jean Geoffroy Oct 14, 2021
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