Greg Cloutier
President 2013-2014
As I begin my Presidency of the Rotary Club of Saco Bay it excites me to thank those who have shaped my ability to lead the club for the 2013-14 year.  Dennis Robillard was my sponsor and we had a discussion many years ago as to what I would do when I finished coaching High School Hockey.  I would always find time to volunteer and he mentioned Rotary and explained what it really was.   I joined Rotary the a year or two before I finished coaching ice hockey.  It has been an enjoyable 7 years sitting in the audience and volunteering when I could. 
It is my belief that we  need to give back to the community in which we make a living.  Thank you to all the past Presidents who have kept this club busy and prosperous throughout the years.  You have kept a fantastic reputation throughout the district and throughout the community. 
As you some of you might know, I’m married for 30 years to my wonderful wife Carol..   I have 3 children – Christina who is married to Doug Connell and she works with me in our real estate business.  Dominic my second child is a Police officer in Lewiston Maine, and my youngest is Justin Cloutier who just Graduated from Thornton Academy and is leaving for College this fall.  We live off the Cascade Road in OOB. 
The better part of this introduction to me is to ask for your help in accomplishing our goals for the 2013-14 year.  I cannot accomplish any of them without you.   I really need you to say yes, we can do that. 
  1. Full communication by board, club and members through web site, facebook, twitter, email and yes, by Bullitins distributed at our meeting.  Minutes from board meetings, Accounting from our foundation and Operating, and all committee minutes will be posted on our password protected area of the web site.  You will have the opportunity to see and accept our budgets that your board of directors approved.  You will see a very active PR committee to keep you our members as well as outside community members informed.  I look forward to working with our PR committee to make this all work together.  If you have expertise in this area and want to help please join us.  
  2. Membership:  The Newly redeveloped  membership committee will consist of our Past President, 1 incoming Board member, 2 general Rotarians and the Chairman will be incoming President Elect.  And vice president.  Our Goal:  10 net members.  This committee will be responsible to mentoring our new members, educating our current and new members .   .  Even if you are not on this committee it is important that you help in reaching our goal.  This on going committee will have to meet regularly and create ways to infuse the club with a continuous group of new members.  Thank you for supporting this goal. 
  3. President Ron Burton announced an initiative in March Pets meeting about 100% Foundation Participation Goal.   I was asked by my District Governor Carolyn Johnson to give to the foundation before pets to reach 100% Participation from district 7780 for Ron Burton.    Of the 9 districts in attendance at pets we were one of 5 that reached the goal of 100% participation.  I asked our Board of Directors to give to the foundation by August 1st, 2013.  They have agreed to complete this by the agreed date.  I’m asking you that we as a club reach the 100% participation goal before our  District Governor visits our club on September 12th, 2013.  The Foundation Committee headed by Dennis Robillard will complete this goal with your help and your help. 
  4. Create a Rotoact Club of the business community of business people under 35.    We will accomplish this either on our own or create a relationship with another club to make this happen.  This group will have mimimal cost and create an atmosphere of accomplishing community service. 
  5. Fellowship – A big part of us meeting on Thursday mornings is about saying hi to Friends we probably have not seen in 7 days.  Our fellowship committee will work to have 4 get togethers for our families.    Our meetings will also include time for more fellowship and that will include 8 assemblies so we can welcome all our committee’s to really discuss how well their work has gone.  
Those are our the five goals that I do hope we can hold ourselves accountable and put your best foot forward  to make sure we complete these goals and others that will come about during the year. 
I look forward to a very active Public relations committee and web site, I look forward to our 5 fundraisers and  to watch them grow and succeed, I look forward to our interacts and helping OOB grow and continue to watch TA succeed, I look forward to seeing our charitable giving committee work through all the great causes we give too, I look forward to Bon Apitit, Toys for Tots, Bell Ringing, Cancer Awareness night, Charlie Snow Baseball Tournament, Eyes for the needy, Litericacy group, Read Across America, Crutches for Africa, Cutting Scrubs at the Dyer Library, Feeding the Hungry, Rebuilding the Gazibo  and that is just a few of the community services that we do.  I look forward to our Grant committee to begin the creation of a global grant with Kirsten and Nigeria.  That committee will also work to get us a Simplified district Grant for Cascade Falls.   I’m sure that I forgot a few  very important projects or donations but I think we understand how important our club is to the community.  
It is truly an honor to be your President for a year and to carry out your wishes and goals. 
Thank you  for listening to my little speech and let us move on.