Our Latest Paul Harris Fellow

Congratulations to Ed Boucher.  
Ed has been in the Rotary Club of Saco Bay for over 16 years.  He served as the Head of our Charitable Giving Committee and he is a Proud Veteran. For many years, Ed has also been our unofficial Poet Laureate of our Club. He has honored many of our club’s Presidents and members, with original poems. We are blessed to have Ed as a member and are grateful for the service he has given. 
Jeff Slaton honored Ed by awarding him with a Paul Harris Fellow. In addition, David Arenstam created and read a poem for Ed. 

Congratulations to Ed!  Our club and  community are a better place because of you. 

Thank you
(Click "Read More" for the Poem)
We never know exactly
How a seed will grow
Will it suffer challenge
Or what talents it might show
What are we to wish for,
What dreams are we to witness,
The direction they will grow in
And if we will be there as a litmus
We know it won’t be easy
But life so rarely is
We just need to be there
With a gentle smile and promise
We just need to give it water
And room to see the sun
As we sit back and marvel
At the life that has begun
For Ed, his loves have been his family,
his country, and the marines
Most would watch and learn
as his wisdom and kindness were seldom unseen
Somewhere along the line
He came to Rotary
And now the club is graced with wisdom
and a bit of poetry
Ed wrote for students and past presidents alike
But for each one, the gift was the same,
A twinkle, a smile, a lesson in words and life
He hoped they listened,
He hoped they took his words to heart.
He wrote with love and incite
Giving his all before they were to depart.
But all of this brings us to our current purpose
Our current task at hand …
Some might describe Ed as feisty
or perhaps, with age,
a little more mellow
But today, here with us,
He’s our latest Rotary Paul Harris Fellow.
Congratulations Ed Boucher