We made it! This is the month that our clocks will ‘spring’ ahead on the 26th and we’ll officially welcome Spring on Monday, March 20th!
The meaning of March is “to move along steadily usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others!”  How perfect because that is exactly what we do as Rotarians every day and what we’ll be doing when we participate in Mary’s Walk on Sunday, March 19th.
March is also a ‘lucky’ month, filled with green (as in cash) and four leaf clovers. We also have the extra special lucky folks born on St. Patty’s Day; those filled with the Luck of the Irish (Jeff); those of Irish decent… and those who have a Town, Airport or River in their namesake ………….hmmmmm -Shannon!
Finally, how lucky we all are to have such a great committee pulling together our online Auction starting March 24th where there will be a host of things to bid on and wet our appetites for the LIVE Auction coming in April.
No matter how you slice it, March is bringing great things Irish or Not.  From my Irish ancestors straight to you…..………….
Shannon Kashinsky – President/ 2022-2023