Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center
Aug 19, 2021
Diane Cyr
Biddeford Cultural and Heritage Center

A Collaborative Effort

A  cultural and heritage center has been the dream of many people throughout the years.  From Joseph Plamondon’s vision and dreams in 1982 to celebrate the Franco-American heritage and that of other ethnicities, to more recent attempts by people in various organizations throughout the city, the timing was never right.

Now is the time.

Biddeford is a thriving community with a variety of ethnic cultures and diversity. It’s growing, changing and progressive, but much of the history and heritage is being lost, not shared, as the culture changes.

Now is the time to share, preserve, teach and celebrate all that makes Biddeford, its people and surrounding areas, so special.

Now is the time to save what is being lost, share with others.

Now is our time and together we are doing it!