Apex Youth Connection
Nov 18, 2021
Melissa Cilley
Apex Youth Connection

Who we are

We are people who believe in the power of relationships.  We are people who believe in youth.

Our goal is to connect kids to supportive mentors, to meaningful experiences, and to inspirational adventures that change their lives forever. Every youth who walks through our door is respected where they are, and challenged to grow.

What we do

We get kids out there. We mentor. We support. We guide. We help kids build up their self-confidence, their skills, their resiliency, and their love for learning. It’s all about flipping that switch from deterred to determined. It’s all about sitting in that passenger’s seat as they learn to “drive.”

Why we do this

Every child has a unique spark burning deep inside.  Sometimes, it takes some coaxing to bring it out but it’s always, always there. And with encouragement, that child’s spark will ignite.  

We believe that relationships are the best way to kindle that spark, and that new experiences fan it to a flame.  We believe the world will be stronger and more vibrant with each flame a full-on bonfire.